Patience vs Endurance

What is Patience?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, patience can be defined as the ability to accept delay or trouble calmly. This highlights that patience is a quality that is seen in individuals when they experience issues in life. For instance, when a person is wronged by another, he would be patient and forgive the other, or else he would seek revenge. In such a context, the person who displays patience is considered the better person.

Also, patience can be used in a context where an individual is tolerant of another. For example, a teacher is extremely patient with weak students. In such a situation, the word patience is not used in the sense of wrongdoing but merely as tolerance. Let us observe some more examples.

She patiently listened to the child even though he was lying.

He was running out of patience.

She patiently waited her turn in the queue.

In all the examples, the word patient is used in situations where the person is tolerant of another.

Difference Between Patience and Endurance

‘She patiently waited her turn in the queue’

What is Endurance?

The Oxford English Dictionary defined the word endurance as experiencing and surviving pain or hardship. Mostly the word endure is used for difficult situations we encounter in life. It gives the idea that the individual does not succumb to the obstacles but holds on. For example, imagine a person whose life situation is extremely negative. He has no proper place to live and a painstaking job. The individual endures his condition with the hope that he will survive and that his situation in life will be better. This gives away the idea that endurance is a bit different to patience. Let us look at some sentences.

His friends were marveled by his endurance in life.

She had no choice but to endure.

In both cases, the word endure refers to obstacles that an individuals experiences, rather than wrongdoing.

Patience vs Endurance