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If you are reading this, you must be responding to The Voice. If you are hearing the Voice, we need YOU in every nation. If you are hearing the Voice, do you sense a huge spiritual wave approaching… we need administration, educational opportunities, and system designed to ride this wave inland. Rebuilding American Mission Society in Pakistan. Pakistan is the center of several religions, cultures, traditions, and political influence. The only time Pakistan “the One Nation” is United in a Playoff Cricket game.

My opinion is we must allow the God to call us closer to Him. We are “who we are” to all Nations. Curious?

The Islāmic republic of Pakistan and Islam are synonymous since Pakistan is out of the Hindu-dominated British India so that Muslims could live and practice their religion free from any bondage, subjugation, and fear. 

Young Couples

Solid Reference: Known  Does this sound like freedom of religion? Or, a State Religion.