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Is “sonar”or “sonic” the glue that connects all living things together?

Sonar, short for Sound Navigation and Ranging, is helpful for exploring and mapping the ocean because sound waves travel farther in the water than do radar and light waves. NOAA scientists primarily use sonar to develop nautical charts, find underwater hazards to navigation, search for and map objects on the seafloor such as shipwrecks, and map the seafloor itself. There are two types of sonar—active and passive.

Conductance and resistance are reciprocals

In the hydraulic analogy, current flowing through a wire (or resistor) is like water flowing through a pipe, and the voltage drop across the wire is like the pressure drop that pushes water through the pipe. Conductance is proportional to how much flow occurs for a given pressure, and resistance is proportional to how much pressure is required to achieve a given flow. (Conductance and resistance are reciprocals.)

The voltage drop (i.e., difference between voltages on one side of the resistor and the other), not the voltage itself, provides the driving force pushing current through a resistor. In hydraulics, it is similar: The pressure difference between two sides of a pipe, not the pressure itself, determines the flow through it. For example, there may be a large water pressure above the pipe, which tries to push water down through the pipe. But there may be an equally large water pressure below the pipe, which tries to push water back up through the pipe. If these pressures are equal, no water flows. (In the image at right, the water pressure below the pipe is zero.)

The resistance and conductance of a wire, resistor, or other element is mostly determined by two properties:

geometry (shape), and material
Geometry is important because it is more difficult to push water through a long, narrow pipe than a wide, short pipe. In the same way, a long, thin copper wire has higher resistance (lower conductance) than a short, thick copper wire.

Materials are important as well. A pipe filled with hair restricts the flow of water more than a clean pipe of the same shape and size. Similarly, electrons can flow freely and easily through a copper wire, but cannot flow as easily through a steel wire of the same shape and size, and they essentially cannot flow at all through an insulator like rubber, regardless of its shape. The difference between copper, steel, and rubber is related to their microscopic structure and electron configuration, and is quantified by a property called resistivity.

In addition to geometry and material, there are various other factors that influence resistance and conductance, such as temperature; see below.

Does this sound similar to what happens to a human when they try to live their way of life on earth without channeling the energy of the Universe?

KWABENA Frimpong Boateng – Environment, Science, Technology

Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng is 67 years old.

Graduated from the University of Ghana Medical School in 1975 with MB, ChB degrees, and qualified surgeon, cardio-thoracic and vascular surgeon after undertaking his postgraduate studies at the Hannover Medical University, Germany in 1978. He subsequently worked as a consultant cardio-thoracic surgeon and was one of the pioneers of the heart transplantation program in Hannover.
Prof. Frimpong-Boateng has received several local and international awards in recognition of his medical work and service to humanity. In 1999 he was the Ghana Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Marketing Man of the year and also, a recipient of the Millennium Excellence Award. In 2005 the Millennium Excellence Foundation awarded him as Personality of the Decade. Prof. Frimpong-Boateng was the winner of the 2012 edition of the prestigious African Heroes Award, presented by Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, USA, on February 12, 2012. Prof. Frimpong-Boateng is married and has five children.

JOHN Peter Amewu – Lands and Natural Resources John-Peter Amewu is 48 years old, and holds an MBA (Finance) from University of Ghana. He also has a Post Graduate Degree (Executive MBA in International Energy Industry Management), and Masters in Petroleum Law and Policy from University of Dundee (UK). He has more than 15 years’ experience in Government, Private Sector, Civil Society and International Development Organizations. He has participated and undergone several mining professional training and attained various certificates from some Australia’s prestigious Universities (University of Sydney and University of Western Australia). He is a Cost Engineer by profession with broader knowledge in the Energy and Mining Industry. He is a Co-founder of Africa Center for Energy Policy – ACEP; and also worked as the Director of Policy and Research where he provided pro-active and comprehensive policy related advice to support a variety of Government and Private Sector Projects. He is the Chairman of Board of Directors of major private institutions in Ghana and a professional international consultant in his area of expertise (Mining and Petroleum). His contributions in providing solutions to the problems in the Energy Sector in Ghana have earned him both local and international acclamation and recognition. He is currently the Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Volta Region. He is married with three children.

Physicians Approve our Return to Pakistan, Ghana, and Philippines

Release and Permission from Physicians to return to Pakistan, Ashanti Kingdom, Philippines.

Rt. Rev. Archbishop Corlis Dees II and Archdeaconess Datha Dees

Nature vs Nurture

The nature vs. nurture dialogue is a cultural and logical journey made possible with the help of scientific  and spiritual study about whether tribal culture, behavior, social communication is primarily the cause of nature or nurture. Nature, by both sides give definition by journeying into genetics and hormonal influences. Nurture, by both sides give definition by journeying into environment and experience. Wholeness in the dialogue manifest evidence as we move through time, and not taking snapshots of intermediate slices of time and space.

What man seeks is utter freedom, endless happiness and zero pain. In other words, everything.

Eashoa knew. He fulfilled the Scriptures and sent out his disciples into the world to preach about a spiritual kingdom — life everlasting, outside the realm of the visible world; to teach about the Scriptures and how they were fulfilled through his life and mission; and ultimately to give us peace in understanding how the universe works, how to live and never lose heart.

Eashoa knew that his teachings would be misinterpreted by many, but that they would be accessible to those who didn’t use them for self-aggrandizement and personal profit. All I can do is to translate the Scriptures as I find them. I can’t reconcile all the doubters to one set of beliefs. I can only do my best as a translator. I’m satisfied with that.

Eashoa knew everything. His birth, teachings, death and resurrection were the only proof humanity needed to find meaning in life. He picked a narrow sliver in the timeline of the universe to place the historical mission that would make sense of all the history and philosophy of the world. He knew that there were great kings and empires such as those of the Pharaohs, the Babylonians, the Ashurai, the Greeks and the Romans. He knew many others would come and go. He knew of the great philosophers and scientists of all the ages before and the ages that would come. You may not believe it, because you might be thinking how could Eashoa have known everything?

Eashoa knew everything because the best of the scientists have to offer is, “We don’t know.” Man does not understand what gave him birth, what happiness is, why there is pain, and why he must die. (I refer to man not as a Chauvinist, because women know more — they know about birth anyway, and a few other things I don’t wish to go into now.) Eashoa is the only one who has explained this aspect of human consciousness: a seed is nothing more than the genetic basis of what the plant needs to grow out of. So is the human being nothing more than the forty-six chromosomes that make up his or her genesis. The seed and the fetus are the basis of life as we know it. Where did this knowledge come from?

The universe is made up of dark and light elements, negative and positive forces, and the observable world for us is an endless mystery that most of us don’t even care to grapple with; we are so concerned with our own little world, and Eashoa knew that. Ultimately the human being isn’t interested in a scientific explanation, but an opportunity to seek some measure of happiness within the confines of the human culture where he or she lives.

Eashoa knew that. He came to the world two thousand years ago and answered all the questions humanity would ever ask. The questions and the answers are here in the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures. I want you to learn to say “Eashoa”. You say, “Jesus.” It’s Eashoa — not Ye-shoo-wa — Ee-sho. I transliterates it Eashoa. It’s not asking too much, and maybe it’s not all that important, since we all know who we’re talking about. Do we not?  Read more…

‘Eashoa knew’ taken from Victor Alexander


Mesopotamia is the land between the two rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates, Bet Nahrein in the Ashurai language. This is the land where writing and numbers were invented six thousand years ago. It’s where the Bible tells us God created the first man and the first woman and placed them in the Garden of Eden, or Paradise. Mesopotamia is the Greek name for this land. Alexander the Great died in Babylon three centuries before the time of Jesus. Alexander’s empire crumbled after his death. The land of Mesopotamia became the battleground for many nations. The Arabs conquered Mesopotamia in the 7th Century AD, and they’ve occupied this Biblical land ever since. Although most of the original inhabitants of Mesopotamia have long migrated to other countries, there is a remnant of Ashurai and Chaldeans left in Mesopotamia, which has been renamed Iraq since the 1930s. Three thousand years ago, the Ashurai lands were in North Mesopotamia and the Chaldean lands were in South Mesopotamia. Nineveh in the North battled Babylon in the South for four thousand years, until there were no more men left to fight. Today, that seems mind boggling, but the sculptures depicting those battles and the records of those kings that ruled in the early millennia are still in the world museums. The war between the North and South has been going on for ten thousand years.

Every empire or super power experiences some sort of civil war that goes on forever. The US Civil War was the same eternal war, the North against the South, and we fight that war in every country where there is contention; it’s always the North versus the South, ironically not so much the East versus the West. Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and everywhere that people fight against themselves, it’s always the North versus the South. Maybe it has to do with the polarities of the North Pole and the South Pole, their destiny may be to attract and repel one another, the positive charge and the negative charge, the plus and the minus, the haves and the have-nots.


Finally out of the Dark Ages

The Disciples New Testament has been completely translated and published. There’s no more doubt as to which is the original and authentic Bible. Also, my translation of Genesis, the first Book of the Bible, is posted on this website for everyone to read. It’s the first time that the Bible and modern science are reconciled. Atheists can no longer claim that there are inconsistencies in the Bible with respect to the creation of the universe, evolution, or any other theories that are known to science today or that will become known in the future. As I continue to translate the rest of the Scriptures, many historical events are being clarified. The prophesies of Revelation continue to be fulfilled.  These are some of the issues that this website will attempt to explore.

[Tree of Life, British Museum]

Rediscovering the Ancient Aramaic Scriptures

My translations of the Scriptures are based on the Ancient Church of the East Bible, which was the first one recorded and preserved intact since the Apostolic Age. Although the religious establishment maintains that the New Testament was recorded first in Greek, my translation proves that the entire Scriptures were recorded first in the language they were conceived, the language Jesus Christ spoke, the Ancient Aramaic. All it takes is an unbiased reading of my translation to realize this. There are also extensive translator notes to prove this. Thousands of passages have been clarified. Major concepts have been restored for the first time.

[Louvre, winged lions of John's Revelation]

Revelation 4:6-8: And before his throne a sea of glass that resembles crystal and in the balance of the throne and around it and before it, four life forms, full of eyes in front and back of them. And the first life form resembles a lion and the second life form resembles a calf and the third life form has a face like a human being and the fourth life form resembles a flying eagle. And all four life forms, every one of them, have six wings around themselves and from inside, full of eyes, and they have no rest day and night from saying, “Holy, holy, holy, the Lord God, Supreme over all. He who Becomes and He who Is and He who Comes.”

These three thousand year old sculptures that appeared in John’s vision of Revelation, were excavated from ancient Ashur when the country was called Mesopotamia. They were brought to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, in the late 19th Century. My interest in the Bible was sparked when I visited the Louvre to shoot a documentary film on the history and the artifacts of Ashur, Nimrud and Nineveh. The history of the Bible came alive before my eyes that day. I will never forget it. These three cities in Mesopotamia, or Bet-Nahrein, were the capitals of the land that is known as the Cradle of Civilization. Together with Babylon and Sumer in the South of Mesopotamia, they are the lands where the history of the Old Testament began. It’s where the Epics of Creation, Adam and Eve, Noah and the Flood were recorded. These cities were the starting point in Abraham’s journey to the land of Canaan and Egypt. It’s were his children and grandchildren returned to write the history of their ancestors and the Scriptures as we know it today. This knowledge was lost for centuries, buried under the sand and rubble of conquering armies of the Greeks, Romans, Mongols and Arabs. The Crossroads of Civilization ran across the land of Mesopotamia, but the great cities of Ashur remained buried until the late part of the 19th Century. Now that the US has emerged as the sole super power in the world, and especially after the events of September 11th, there’s an interest in civilization again, and a concern for its enemy, terrorism. The Ashurai had to deal with terrorism from the very start of their first settlements ten thousand years ago.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, so drink deeply or never taste the Pierian spring — Alexander Pope.

[Shalmannesar III - British Museum]

Every one of the five major religions of the world took one of the attributes of Ashur and rejected all the others. These attributes of Ashur — or shall we say “God” as He is known in the English language — have been all recorded in the Scriptures. There is God’s love for humanity, sacrificing His only Son on behalf of the sins of His children. There is God’s holiness, which is beyond compare, yet people strive for righteousness above everything else, in anticipation of being rewarded with an earthly kingdom and rule that will never be relinquished. There is the fear of God, the total submission of one’s will to God’s greater will and might. There is God’s all knowledge and His ever-present Spirit that transcends every human soul, creature on earth and inanimate things also, in total harmony and at peace with all. There is the God who reincarnates every spirit and rewards every worthwhile soul forever with everlasting lives. In the Ancient Ashura religion, these attributes are not separate. In the British Museum, the statue of King Shalmanessar the Third exhibits all the symbols of these religions, arrayed at the top of the relief and worn around the neck of this king who ruled at the time of Abraham three thousand years ago, demonstrating that the Ashurai religion encompassed all these attributes.

[detail - statue of Shalmanessar 3rd]

Now that’s finally becoming known that the language of the Scriptures is the Ancient Aramaic, which evolved from Ashurit, it’s finally possible to interpret the Scriptures correctly and reconcile the tenets of the five major religions: Western Christianity, Modern Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism. It’s now possible to return to one conception of what the Scriptures are all about.

American Indian