Appointment of Sir Terry Harper as Minister of Finance

Christian World Churches and Schools Society

643 E Timberbrook estates, Shelbyville, IN 46176 USA


Archbishop Dees II

Christian World Churches and Schools Society

643 E Timberbrook estates, Shelbyville, IN 46176 USA

To: Sir Terry Harper – Minister of Finance AACC

2907 Shelter Island Drive# 105
San Diego, CA 92106

RE: Consignment Package – Property of Archbishop Corlis Dees II

Greetings in the Name, King Jesus Messiah,

A matter of obvious extreme circumstance now comes before me for my judgment.

I decree: After considering the communication between myself, Dr. William Kofi, Sir Terry Harper, Jerry (Prince) Kwarteng, Energy Bank Plc., Customs, Mandex, The Attorney General, and various High Court Justices,

And, seeing “Dr. William Kofi” has disqualified himself, in his own words, “Please, inform Bishop that i will not work with Mr. Kwarteng for security reasons and if he send any money to Mr. Kwarteng in respect of this cargo it will be a lost money”

And, seeing that I hold in the offices of the Archdiocese of Central Indiana, Ashanti Kingdom, Pakistan, and Philippines, located in the territory of the State of Indiana, County of Shelbyville, State of Indiana, USA, all written copies of each and every conversation in this entire matter, receipts of monies sent upon demand, up front for well beyond the $5,000 amount stated in the law, regarding Mr. William Kofi and Energy Bank Plc and Mandex Shipping Service.

The Archdiocese of Central Indiana, Ashanti Kingdom, Nation of Ghana, Nation of Pakistan, and the Nation of Philippines does hereby, in real time, revoke Dr. William Kofi of his pristine appointed position in this matter. We do appoint Sir Terry Harper and Mr. Prince Kwarteng rightful custody and control of the consignment you are hold in your Customs office located at the Katoka International Customs Office, and the Port Authority of Tema, and demand all instruction, demands, and powers having been granted him in any previous document be ignored.

Further, we officially, give Sir Terry Harper full plenipotentiary powers of the Church to taking lead in solving this matter at hand, without prejudice. It has been written, now let it be done.

Grace if God Jesus be upon you to do His will,

The Holy Apostolic Catholic and Orthodox Church of the East – Ecumenical Rite


March 28th 2011

Apostolic Greetings,

Several people in the Orthodox Church of the East have raised some questions with me regarding recently announced changes to our Missionary Diocese of Texas.

I detail below a Q&A summary which should fully explain these changes.

Questions and Answers from the Board of Bishops

Q. What has happened to the OCE Missionary Diocese of Texas – Is it still part of the OCE?

A. The Missionary Diocese of Texas is expanding and thus has been given a new name. The new name is:

The Orthodox Church of the East (Ecumenical Rite)

The Board considers the name in keeping with clarity and commission. For those of you who are in the church we believe this is more accurate description of its form, historical reflection and mission function.

Catholicos John Stanley consecrated several Bishops over the years, primarily in Texas, who in the Mar Toma Apostolic lineage, traditionally have mixed liturgy that communicated a more amiable ecumenical order, especially in the United States, rather than the ancient liturgy, OCE liturgy of Addai and Mari.

The new church is an integral part of the OCE just as The Apostolic Church of the East (Aramaic Rite) is an integral part of the OCE. The OCE will continue to encourage, teach, and serve the new churches on its Messianic history and Apostolic heritage.

Who heads up the OCE (Ecumenical Rite)?
Will the church be autocephalous?

A. The new approach in church governance will be overseen by Metropolitan Greg Holley (Mar Greghor).

His Excellency stated, “There is a Council of Bishops under the direction of the Metropolitan, seated in La Porte Texas. We are not forming a new Church. We are focusing on the traditional influence of effective mission and market based ministry.

As you know, we are a self-supporting ministry.

Metropolitan Holley will be directly responsible for the OCE Exarchy.

Who are the Bishops of the New Church?

A. Metropolitan Holley will oversee the OCE (ER). An excellent team supports his Excellency Bishop Holley.


Archbishop Delbert Herrin resides in Texas City and oversees an extensive network of

New Consecrated Bishop Corlis Dees has recently been elevated and duly consecrated by Economia in a ceremony conducted by Mar Greghor and Mar Herrin in Trinity United Methodist Church in Shelbyville, Indiana. He and his wife Datha Pugh Dees is called to research and develop new innovative educational work in Pakistan, Philippines, Cambodia, the Ashanti Kingdom, Ghana, Africa and other “at large responsibilities”.


Bishop Dees Church in Shelbyville, Indiana.

Will there be a meeting of all the Bishops of the OCE?

A. Yes. It is anticipated that there will be an annual convention of the OCE where clergy and members of all the OCE churches and affiliates can meet to participate in joint worship, prayers, services and teaching. This will be an ideal opportunity for the exchange of ideas, news and for the forging of new friendships in Christ. Venue to be decided – but New Life Church in La Porte Texas is the most likely location.


The establishment of the OCE(ER) is an exciting development in the life of the OCE. It provides new opportunities for the propagation of the Gospel and the advancement of the Kingdom. It brings an important fresh ecumenical dimension to the OCE and heralds a bright new day in the history of the Orthodox Church of the East.

Many Blessings

Exarch Mar Colum Cille
Malcolm S Wilson

Malcolm S Wilson DD (HC) OCE OST


p style=”text-align: justify”>President of the Conference of Bishops

Registered offices:
302 Hardy Road, Kelso, WA 98626

The Face of War 2016

We can see the thousands of movies, films, documentaries, newsletters, all saying what they are showing you are the faces of war.

We see and look into the face of war by two pictures.
One is this one.

Secondly, picture of war is this one.

Warning!!!! Do NOT look at these pictures unless you are an adult. Children under 13+15 NOT ALLOWED.

Attacks on Assyrians in Syria By ISIS and Other Muslim Groups

De facto information we all need to know.

Picture of Raqqa

Posted 2015-02-27 03:57 GMT

The following is a list of attacks against Assyrians in Syria by ISIS and other Muslim Groups.

See also: List of Assyrian and Other Churches Destroyed in Syria

2012-05-12 Jihadists Seize Christian Village in Syria, Expel Its Residents

250,000 humans trapped in Aleppo since July. Conditions are appalling, destruction on a massive scale.

Aleppo had an estimated pre-war population of about two million. About one million people are now living in the west, in comparative safety, according to BBC reporters.

Those trapped in the east are living in appalling conditions. The UN humanitarian chief Stephen O’Brien recently described the area as “the apex of horror”.

Food and fuel are running out and basic infrastructure and health care have been obliterated.

The rebels have retaliated by shelling the west – resulting in the deaths of civilians there – but this is on a smaller scale.

Why haven’t people fled east Aleppo?

Mohammed in front of some ruined buildings in AleppoImage copyright MOHAMMED

The main reason why people have not left is that they have become trapped, they told us.

“Some people left before the siege. Now no-one can leave,” says Mohammed, a 31-year-old phonetics teacher at the university in Aleppo.

People have to be careful not to use up their phone batteries because there are only a few hours of electricity each day. However, they are still able to get messages to the outside world.

Dr Ossama, 32, is one of only 30 doctors left treating the 250,000 population of east Aleppo. He describes the dire situation:

“The city is under siege completely.

“No food, no electricity, no pure water, no roads out of Aleppo. The general situation is very dangerous. Every second you can be targeted by shelling or by snipers.”

Dr OssamaImage copyright DR OSSAMA
Image caption Dr Ossama is one of the last medics left in eastern Aleppo

Fatemah, 26, who is a teacher, says she never expected the siege to happen.

“All my family got out three years ago and went to Egypt and Turkey. I stayed here because I wanted to complete my studies in law at the University of Aleppo.

“We couldn’t imagine we’d be under siege. We didn’t think that the regime would do that. Before the siege, there was food and medicine and we had got used to the bombing. The bombing is more dangerous now.”

The Syrian government and its Russian allies have periodically opened “humanitarian corridors” for civilians to leave through. There is a lot of scepticism from residents of east Aleppo over how safe these routes actually are.

“The regime lied about making humanitarian corridors,” says Abdulkafi, who teaches English at the university.

Smoke rises from reported opposition fire from buildings in an eastern government-held neighbourhood of AleppoImage copyright AFP/GETTY IMAGES

“If you were with your family, and a robber came and killed your son and daughter and then, after 10 days, he says, ‘Come and be a guest in my house’, would you trust him?

“[President] Assad and the Russians kill civilians and now they say, ‘Come on in’. How can we do that? We prefer to eat the leaves from the trees than go back.”

Abdulkafi has lived in Aleppo for three years. Before the uprising, he was a lecturer in a different town. He attended the demonstrations against President Assad.

“I was accused and ran away to Aleppo. Assad’s regime considers us all terrorists. We are going to die defending ourselves. I am not a fighter but I will fight to the death.”

Some in east Aleppo point out that fleeing their homes and becoming refugees would be a massive undertaking, even if they weren’t trapped.

“A very important reason people are staying here is that they are very poor,” says Fatemah.

“They have no money to rent a house somewhere else or to buy food, or even have the money to leave Syria for Turkey or another country.”

‘This is my land’

Aleppo, picture provided by the Syrian Civil Defense group known as the White HelmetsImage copyright YOUTUBE

Everyone we spoke to also told us that they would continue to refuse to leave Aleppo because it was their home.

“Aleppo is my life and my country. How could I leave it?” asks Fatemah.

“The people here are civilians. They are not fighters – they just want freedom from the regime.”

Mohammed adds: “This is our land and it belongs to us. Assad wants us to be kicked out of our house and is trying to displace us. People want to keep their homes. It is as clear as glass.

“She is really scared and she worries that every day is the last of our lives. Her only wish is to live to see our newborn baby.”

IsmailImage copyright ISMAIL Ismail says many would prefer to die in Aleppo than to leave

Ismail is a volunteer for the White Helmets, who rescue people from sites which have been bombed. He tells us he will never leave. “I am staying because it is my land and my city. It’s my home.

We have nothing to eat. We will run out of bread and fuel in a month. Our best hope is that the siege is broken. But we are not asking for bread or food we want freedom and social justice.”

“Many people would prefer to die in Aleppo than to leave it,” says Dr Ossama.

“If we go out of Aleppo we will lose our home and our home is our life… and the regime and the Russians would win.”

AbdulkafiImage copyrightABDULKAFI
Image caption Abdulkafi with his class

We interviewed Abdulkafi while he was teaching English to children. He asked Hamad, a boy in his class if he would leave.

“No, of course I will not leave,” Hamad replied. “I have lived here and I will stay. This is my land.”

Like the other people we spoke to, Abdulkafi, who has an eight-month-old daughter, will stay in Aleppo, whatever happens.

“Danger is everywhere – but freedom is not everywhere.

“People stayed here because we first asked for freedom. We can’t leave.

“The blood of the children who died would not forgive us. The people suffering now would not forgive us. To be free is more precious than anything on earth.” 

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