dees-with-little-corlisCorlis Lee Dees II, son of Lena Marvelle Mott Dees and Corlis Lee Dees. Born 1949, Beaumont, Texas. Lived in Cleveland, Texas (1949-1959) Living in Houston, Texas (1959-1967) Graduated Apostolic High School Stockton, California (1968) Married Datha Jo Pugh (1969). Have three children, Misty Raquel Dees Hollis, Corlis Lee Dees III, Elizabeth Sophia Marvelle Dees Taylor. Elizabeth Taylor gave birth to Sophia Taylor, Simeon Taylor, Elisha Taylor, and Esther Taylor.

elizabeth_datha_misty_6_2012-fathers-dayBi-vocational Experience:  46 years experience in mission evangelism ministry, 37 years combined experience in Real Estate, Construction, Insurance, Stocks, Bonds, Business Ownership, Freight and Shipping, Appraisal and Design, 4 years experience in Municipal Government, 2 years experience Criminal Justice, Contract Law, 5 years study of Insurance Commercial Contract Law. 3 years residence research and develop of Education, Law, Religion, and Social Development in Pakistan. International Travel: Canada, United States, Mexico, Colombia S.A., Italy, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Israel, Pakistan, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Bahamas, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, 8 years of study in the Qur’an, Unification of World Religion International(Graduate) from International 2 weeks of intense study and discourse as a guest of Rev. Moon) Writing, and Gospel Music. Married to Datha for 45 years, Have three wonderful children, and four grandchildren. Born and raised in the United Pentecostal Church. Ordained by Elder E. L. Holley 1980. (UPCI).  Appointed to be a minister of another denomination in the United Methodist Church in 1992-2012.


Ancient Apostolic Church Appointment: Sent by divine authority to Pakistan by vision and selection by His Excellency Patriarch John Stanley. Consecrated Bishop of the Diocese of Central Indiana in the Holy Apostolic and Catholic Orthodox Church of the East (Ecumenical Rite) 2011 by Archbishop Herrin O.C.E. (ER)and Metropolitan Archbishop Mar Gregory Holley. O.C.E.(ER) and Exarch Malcolm Wilson by Letter of Economia. – Confirmed by Exarch Wilson and appointed with letter of patent as the Bishop of the Nation of Pakistan May 2012, The Holy Apostolic and Orthodox Church of the East (Aramaic Rite). Appointed as Ambassador of World Alliance of Peace by letter of authority to Southeast Asian Region President Malcolm Wilson September 2012. Moved to Pakistan in September 2012. Resigned from The Holy Apostolic and Orthodox Church of the East. Accepted as a Candidate for re-appointment to Pakistan by the Independent Christian Church International. Approved and Duly re-appointed and Consecrated Archbishop Corlis Lee Dees II in ICCI on September 19, 2013. Re-appointed for life to be Seated as Archbishop of Pakistan, Lahore Church Council in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan as an Archbishop at Large. Granted lineage in the ICCI.

Picture of my mother, Lena Marvelle Mott Dees. Loves life and family.


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