Ancient Church of Antioch confirms Ordination is a privilege given through and by the “laying on of hands” of the Bishop, who has previously been duly given the authority by the “laying on of hands” of a minimum of three Bishops confirming the Office of Overseer in the Church.

Example: After Stephen was stoned to death for his faith in Jesus, many Jewish believers who were following the teaching of Jesus and the Apostles left Judea and traveling north reached all the way to Phoenicia, Cypress and Antioch, while they did not speak of the Milta* (Jesus) among the people, except only between themselves, with the Jews alone.
There were some people with them from Cypress and Cyrenia, those who entered Antioch, and they spoke with the Greeks and preached the Salvation of Maran Eashoa.* (LORD Jesus)
Maryah proved to be with them. Many Greeks believed and turned back to Maryah.(LORD)

Some church members* in Jerusalem received words of what was happening in Antioch. The Jerusalem Church Overseers, Bishop James decided to send Barnabas to Antioch.
Barnabas arrived and inspected the things happening. His testimony is “the grace of Allaha (God) for sure is doing a great work here among the Greeks and Syrians. Barnabas is very excited and begged them them to imitate Maryah (LORD) with all their heart.
They all could see Barnabas is a blessed man and the Spirit of Allaha. They could see the faith of Eashoa is in him. Maryah’s people increased greatly.
After some time, Barnabas traveled to Tarsos searching for Saul. When he found him, he brought him with him to Antioch. For a year every Sunday they went to the church, and they taught many people. From then on, for the first time, they were called in Antioch, the Christian disciples. Can you see how this worked under the authority of Bishop James. Since the beginning, after Jesus called his disciples He has used the same method of teaching, calling, and sending ministers through the “laying on of hands” of the forefathers and overseers in the church. All of the members of the Church, Allaha entrusted ministry to particular humans through the overseers of the Church.

Apostolic Succession as the uninterrupted transmission, through the “laying on of hands” of first the Apostles and then as time continues keeps the overseers of the Church under the spiritual authority of the Apostles. We are able to show proof of this ministry through those humans which followed the ministry of the Apostles.

Clement, Ignatius, Irenaeus, Tertullian, Hippolytus, Cyprian, Augustine and many others confirm, in writing of this fact. Each one of them, brought to the Church a deeper and fuller understanding of what it means as in continuity and transmission of the spiritual authority of the Apostles by the “laying on of hands”.

As time passed, the Church knew they were functioning within the historic Apostolic Succession. Cyprian teaches us how to see this succession which is still celebrated by the Eastern Orthodox Churches.
Augustine teaches four spiritual formations in our path to ministry.

One: The Ordination will celebrate Holy Communion as part of the church public service as valid. Thereby, emphasizing association with the Church community and the real presence of Jesus Messiah.
Two: The laying on of hands by a minimum of three(3) Bishops during Holy Communion Church service to consecrate a Bishop.
Three: All other Ordained ministry orders will be executed by the “laying on of hands” of a Bishop. Prayer, alone is not enough.
Four: Those who perform Ordination must be a duly consecrated Bishop. Read more…

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